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Theoretical Framework for Term Project

Term Project: How Media Evolution Affects News Reporting Technological change in communication profoundly affects how news is delivered. From print to digital, media evolution has facilitated an exponential growth in news patterns and freedom of our choice. Media, being not … Continue reading

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Discussion Leader: Principles of New Media

“The Principle of New Media” is a chapter from Lev Manovich’s book The Language of New Media. Lev Manovich intends to identify the differences between old media and new media by proposing “five principles of new media”, which are numerical … Continue reading

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Blog Innovates a Form of Journalism — Review on We the Media

It is time that Big Media’s monopoly is dismantled; It is time that grassroots journalists are joining in the conversation; Various innovative online technologies can make this conversation happen. For grassroots journalists, what will be the most powerful gadget in … Continue reading

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Who will be the First to Catch the Wave?

It is never wrong for the companies to prioritize their customers’ need in different levels. That’s the point I was trying to make in my last reading reflection by endorsing Christensen’s segmentation of three customer groups. However, disruptive innovations don’t … Continue reading

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How Media Evolution Affects News Reporting: Term Project

Thesis statement From print, broadcast to digital, technology transforms the media of news reporting, now the general public have faster and easier accesses to almost any content displayed by word, image, sound and video. In addition to display methods, the … Continue reading

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Give Right Customer the Right Product

Companies in either sunrise or sunset industries are clearly aware that they need to approach innovation, but their question is: “When? What are the signals for a change?” Start-ups and small-sized companies with limited resource and outreach are calling: “Are there … Continue reading

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COM 546 Preliminary Term Project Ideas

From print media to the Internet, the way people consume information has been reconstructed by the transformation of end platforms. It poses a series of reforms to journalism, the industry that provides information. As a former online news reporter, I’ve … Continue reading

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Goals for COM546 Evolution and Trends in Digital Media

In 2005, I was doing my first internship at TV station, learning as a novice; In 2006, I graduated and became a reporter at newspaper press, getting comfortable with conveying messages by pure writings and photos; In 2008, with a … Continue reading

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