Final Presentation: Impact of Media Evolution on Journalism

Technological change in human communication profoundly affected journalistic activities. From print to digital, media evolution has facilitated an exponential variety in news reporting patterns, including its agenda setting, content collection, production and distribution. More substantially, it has redefined the relationship between journalists and audience, especially after the advent of digital media.

This paper provides an overview of media evolution from print, broadcast, to digital, and discusses the supervening social necessities behind adoption of each new technology.  It emphatically expatiates on how each media technology has affected traditional journalistic undertaking and fostered new forces of journalism: grassroots journalism.

The paper also predicted the future collaboration between professional and grassroots journalism and layouts the framework of a multi-dimensional convergence of old and digital newsrooms.

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3 Responses to Final Presentation: Impact of Media Evolution on Journalism

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  2. thor10 says:

    Soooo confident and prepared for the evening, Ting. I’m very proud of your work ahead of time, and the way in which it was delivered tonight in class. I LOVE your always clever, creative use of visuals. Very relaxed presentation with all the info & and background research. I wish you could present again on another topic. It was that good! No surprise though.

    • kangting21 says:


      SWEET Thor!!!

      You are so nice to post this comment to me. I’m totally inspired. Yes, I do love the pictures I chose, because I do love this smart idea of simplicity.

      But I would say I was still frustrated not able to present without my notes…every time I promise myself to prepare earlier so as to free myself out of the note and 100% into the interaction with you guys just like I present in my own language, but my procrastination always result in such situation!!!!

      I so appreciate your feedback which give me great confidence and I really expect another presentation in front of you, are we going to have any classes in common?

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