Reflection on discussion

Yes, I’m brave to pick this theory-heavy article. At beginning, I highly doubted whether I could present these big terms clearly to my peers before myself could even hardly absorb them.

But after reading it again and again, I found these terms resonate a lot with our real life experience with new media. So I decided to find more examples to illustrate the concepts, and it proved my strategy was quite right. The discussion became very interesting when we connected those five principles to our own anecdotes. We echoed most to the fifth principle that how the logic of computer is encoding our culture. Here are some good points they made:

Corey: I no longer remember telephone numbers or do math in my head; I also don’t usually call friends (unless I need something) or read paper books. Tracking the way people’s habits change as they adopt different technologies would be a very fascinating field of study.

Mike: I’m very much interested in how computer logic is influencing cultural logic. At my company, we’re constantly driving towards an automated creative solution for businesses by employing technology to collect ideas from far and wide, i.e. crowdsourcing.

Lisa: The point about the influence of new media creating a situation of quantity over quality in news reporting and writing is something I definitely see every day – I feel like I read more than ever but take in only a little bit about everything.

Whether we admit it or not, our culture is being computerized. We read online content instead of paper book, we write email over mail, we use Twitter over blog because it’s faster, we talk via Facebook over phone, we shop online and we game online… Our habit, life style, business model, almost everything is going digital. What’s next?

Sometimes it’s scary when I feel myself getting addicted to new media innovations, I tried to step back, but find there’s no way back. How can we maintain our cultural essence when adopting new technology? This is definitely something we, as human beings, are obligated to figure out.

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  1. Yes, you were brave and you did an *excellent* job!

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