COM 546 Preliminary Term Project Ideas

From print media to the Internet, the way people consume information has been reconstructed by the transformation of end platforms. It poses a series of reforms to journalism, the industry that provides information.

As a former online news reporter, I’ve witnessed how our journalistic styles, practices and ethics have been challenged and updated based on the digital technology. So for the class term project, my interest would lie in the evolution of digital journalism, as well as the large impact it has made to news reporting, audience behavior and various social issues.

My anticipated research would cover the following areas:

1) Overview on evolution of digital journalism.                                                                             2) How the way of audience interaction is reshaped by digital platforms.                                   3) Controversies on journalistic ethics, such as news freedom and credibility.                           4) Social impact brought up by digital journalism, such as transparency in government             affairs.                                                                                                                                           5) The future of digital journalism.

Additionally, a comparison of China and U.S media could run through the research.

I realize that this topic may be a little too broad to work on, so I would love to hear feedbacks from Kathy and the class to narrow it down and input more insight.

(All the photos used in the post are either taken by the author or authorized.)

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