Goals for COM546 Evolution and Trends in Digital Media

In 2005, I was doing my first internship at TV station, learning as a novice;

In 2006, I graduated and became a reporter at newspaper press, getting comfortable with conveying messages by pure writings and photos;

In 2008, with a weak awareness of “digital era is coming”, I sort of upgraded myself to a web reporter.

Ever since then, I’ve been so surprised yet excited to see how digital media is changing the mass media industry and how traditional news reporting is overwhelmed by multimedia storytelling.

Having worked in both old and new media domains, I might venture to say I am far more than a witness in this big transition in mass media industry, which is also a reflection of how digital media changes our communication theory.

I’m glad to be part of this transition, but now I would like to take a step back and observe it with deep insight. So when one day I go back to my role as a content creator, I will be more confident in engaging my audience with the best channel and best effect. So my goals for this class are:

1. By studying the history and trend of digital media, I want to have a deep understanding of how it has evolved and will continue to change the way we communicate;

2. Specifically to cater my interest in journalistic storytelling, I want to learn how digital journalism will go in the future and what techniques and ideas we shall adopt to go with the trend through case studies, if possible.

3. Very interested in the presentation part, would like to learn more about presentation skills via lectures and class practices.

4. Improve my in academic cultivation in project construction, “term project” sounds to be a very powerful hammer, I hope to be really proficient all along with the process after this class.

(Photos used in this post are authorized.)

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